All the Good

Confession: This blog has been stuck like deep-cornered lint in my back pocket for over two years. At long last, day one, post one.

That’s not true. Before, I published three, no, two posts before my efforts stalled, knee deep in the day-to-day. I shrugged my shoulders and resigned.

No, not shrugged off. I hated myself for abandoning, yet again, this one key undertaking that would, perhaps, slide in place unlocking purpose and fulfillment in my life. Ugh.

Too heavy. No wonder I dropped the blog like a rock off an already sinking ship. Lighten up, it’s time.

Honestly, don’t we want All the Good to walk right in, side-door-comfortable, family-like, no invitation required, and lay life’s gifts at our feet while we lounge in comfy chairs sipping iced tea? Maybe that’s just me.

“Trust the process” we hear. Show up willing to be vulnerable. Try. Let things be messy. Keep showing up and trust that whatever honest jumble-y openness is the difficult stuff that might, just might open that side door for something unexpected, possibly even good.

I’m here. I’ll write. I’m nowhere near comfortable. Still, I’m willing to try. How about you? It’s all good.

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